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*WHO – Amber Interiors will help make YOU your own interior designer.

*WHAT – E-Décor is a simple way to decorate your space utilizing our savvy skills without breaking your bank .We provide you with the resources and you do the rest! You e-mail us pictures and measurements of the room to be decorated and then we give you a play by play of what to buy and where and how to purchase everything.  A furniture floor plan will be emailed to you with recommendations on what size furniture to buy or how to use your own existing furniture.  We will also provide you with three options for how to situate everything from furniture and accessories to rugs and lighting.  Finally, paint chips, finishes and fabric ideas will be scanned and emailed to you. The result is no fuss beauty on a budget.

*WHEN – We understand that every client is different.   Some people like to take their time to make decisions and others want a room completed in a very short time.  We will work at your speed until the job is done.

*WHERE – E-Décor is communicated over e-mail so, no matter where you are in the country we can bring Amber Interiors aesthetic into your space. If any extra phone calls, emails, or information is needed, an extra $75/hour charge will be added to the your total { see Price List }. 

*WHY – E-Décor is a great way for budget-conscious folks to obtain an interior designer’s professional expertise.  Also, if you like decorating yourself but don't know where or how to start, E-Décor is a perfect way to give you that help you need to beautify your space. Let us do the research and leave the shopping fun to you!

*HOW – Let’s get started today! Just shoot us an email at and make sure to fill out the E-Décor Questionaire. We have also given you an easy step by step giude to measuring your space { see Measure My Room }.